SourcinBox-Best Solution For Dropshipping

SourcinBox-Best Solution For Dropshipping

SourcinBox is a professional dropshipping agent from China. SourcinBox was officially established 2018 and they are now one of the top Chinese company in the line of e-commerce business. The key members have experience in dropshipping business for many years.

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They offer fast shipping with low prices to fulfill your orders. So far they have about 35000+ active customers all over the world and the number is growing.

In their office there are over 40 SourcinBox members, including customer managers and IT engineers. They keep recruiting more and more fully capable new members for their customer manager team and IT team to support ever growing customer requests and provide efficient customer service.

In the meantime, over 25 employees in their warehouse are processing the products and the shipment in their 4 000 square meter warehouse.

Their warehouse works throughout almost the whole year, even during most holidays in China. They have the capability to process 20000+ packages per day.

They offer a whole supply chain solution, including sourcing products, customized branding, checking quality, arranging shipment with multiple shipping options, offering reliable and responsible after-sales service, etc.

You only need to focus on the marketing part of your business, and they will handle the rest, as your best partner there in China.

They work directly with manufacturers and all the mainstream couriers.

Resources they've got enables them to source products with prices as low as possible and to ship different kinds of products to all popular countries for you.

SourcinBox app is completely free, no monthly fee or yearly fee to use app. It's becoming one of the most powerful dropshipping app.

SourcinBox app integrates with Shopify and Woocommerce stores via API, which enables the orders to be processed and tracking numbers synced automatically.

If you are not using Shopify or Woocommerce, you can upload the orders to SourcinBox app manually with datasheets. 


They work with all the mainstream carriers in China, like CNE, Yun Express, 4PX, UBI, Yanwen, TopYou, FLYT, China Post, USPS, DHL, etc.,  and offer a wide selection of shipping options covering pretty much all the popular countries in the world.

SourcinBox app don't offer free shipping like Aliexpress does, however free shipping or ridiculously low shipping price is obviously a trick that makes you pay more in the end. SourcinBox shipping price for each order is based on fixed fee and weight fee, which is more reasonable and saves the shipping cost for you.



If you login in SourcinBox app and check "Recharge" under the section "My wallet", you will find that they offer cashback at different rates, when you recharge over 2000 dollars each single time. The cashback is added to your SourcinBox balance which can be used to place orders.  The cashback can't be withdraw to your bank, Paypal or Payoneer, it only can be used for placing orders.


Paypal fee rate


Considering their Paypal account, excellent performance and the low dispute rate, Paypal offered SourcinBox the fee rate as low as 2.9 percent. You know, Paypal charges for each transaction and for most Paypal accounts the fee rate is 3.9 percent which is one percent higher. It means that it costs you less when you pay to SourcinBox Paypal account.


Free warehouse service


As long as you are using SourcinBox service it's absolutely free for you to keep your inventory in their warehouse.


Responsive one-to-one customer service


SourcinBox customer manager team is growing all the time to make sure that your needs are taken care as quickly as possible.  Customer manager helps you with all matters. If you don’t have customer manager, you can contact them any time by What’s app, Skype or Facebook.


Excellent communication in English


All the customer managers are well trained and highly educated to discuss matters in English. You don't have to worry about the communication between you and SourcinBox.


After-sales service


SourcinBox offer reliable and responsible after-sales service in cases like damaged products, wrong products, lost packages, etc. As long as the issue is confirmed caused by them, they will reship for free or refund as per your request.

SourcinBox pricing

They only charge you the total product price and the shipping cost of each order. Shipping cost depend on the country where the package is sent, the weight of the package, and the shipping method. You can check prices when you log into their app. SourcinBox APP, quality control and warehousing service are all free of charge.

They accept orders placed on SourcinBox app. Before you place orders to them, make sure that you've got a customer manager to source the products and process your orders. They source products with regular and the repeated orders. If you want to know the products and the shipping price, send them your sourcing requests on SourcinBox app. Your customer manager will source your products and then send you a link by which you can see the exact product price and the shipping price.

When you accept price they will send you connection request to connect the products on your store, or you can just import products to your store. As long as the products on SourcinBox show "connected", the orders of the connected products will automatically sync to SourcinBox app. Then these orders are ready to get paid.

SourcinBox how to work

SourcinBox is the timesaver

With the help of technology and their professional systems, SourcinBox app makes your work more efficient. Handling orders or products all by datasheets manually does not fit the rules of survival in E-com business.


SourcinBox is the cost saver

SourcinBox help you save money by offering lower prices, faster delivery and get you more profit with their cashback and affiliate commission policies.


SourcinBox is the fast order-processor

SourcinBox system starts processing orders automatically as soon as they receive your payment.


They are professionals with responsible after-sales service and honest communication. SourcinBox look for long-term business partnerships.


Don't hesitate to contact them if you have any questions. 

What's up: +18126668889

Skype: ynbtx007


WeChat: yhbtx007


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